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Angling Kitteh likes to fish

Hello, long time my friends. Well I am sure you wondered where I had gone to. I am still here in Leiden watching and following the kitty cats. I still don’t have my own furstaff but I’m surrounded by them. Hee πŸ˜€ which I love of course. It is their world and don’t all you minions forget it. mol

I am in my new home of nearly two years now, which I guess makes it not so new anymore. There are many cats around but one that has caught my eye is just a 5 minute walk away, along from the video store and the off license. Where I hear you ask!? I think the clue is in the title.

Yes, there is an angling store for people and furs who like to fish and catch their Friday supper. The shop has fishing rods, tackles and boxes and all sorts of other paraphernalia. Including a lovely ginger kitteh.


Why is he in the store you say? Does he live there or is he shopping? I have seen him in there many times so I think he does live there or very nearby.

Or maybe he is just an avid fisherpuss whose favourite dish is toona fish. Maybe he is connected with the #wlf ? And this is one of their plans, to overtake the world one fishy at a time. You never know what that highly intelligent mischievous gang is up to.

But I digress, he is a very handsome kitteh that owns that shop for sure. I think I will call him the Fisherman’s Friend Phillop.

IMG_0008Such a cool dude, he likes to watch the world go by and stand guard on the shop front. This is his territory.

IMG_0007He can’t miss a thing and watches so intently not wanting to make eye contact in case he misses something more important.

IMG_0006A very appropriate home/shop for a feline fan of the fishy world.

Oh how I wish I could find an excuse to pop in and meet him, but I struggle to find enthusiasm for the angling world and no reasons occur to me. Maybe one day… sigh.


Cappuccino the Cafe Cat

This is an example of why I love Leiden. Apart from their lovely streets and pretty buildings, it is their cozy brown cafes that they have dotted all over the place. One of which is a particular favourite of mine.

In this cafe resides a pussy cat who likes to frequent and sleep in the cafeΒ whilst the clientele sit around and enjoy their hot beverages.

I decided to call this kitteh Cappuccino after my favourite hot beverage which I like to enjoy when visiting the cafe.

Cappuccino can be solitary I feel and even though it is tolerant of you joining her on the bench alongside and and the customers all around, she does not want to be bothered, fussed or otherwise. So you just enjoy the company, drink your coffee and move along. I don’t mind I am always honored to have the company of a feline πŸ™‚

I drank up my coffee and left Cappuccino alone to enjoy her cat nap. But I am sure to go back and visit soon. πŸ™‚

Windowsill Kitteh

As I wandered down one of the shopping streets in Leiden. I noticed some people looking upwards and some fuss being made over some pigeons gathering below. I was curious to know what the passers by were looking at and I so I took my gaze upwards. What did I see as I looked up… ?

Yes a cat was perched on the windowsill or ledge watching very avidly the pigeons below! Definitely a #wlf operative on observation duties.Β πŸ˜‰

I was however worried for him and the precariously way he was right on the edge. One false move and a paw to far and oh dear!

But of course I should know of the acrobatic qualities of the feline πŸ™‚ and that this kittie would be safe. As long as its wantings for the feathered creatures did not go too far.

I left this kittie to watch and wondered what did it think it was going to do with these pigeons if he could only just reach themΒ πŸ˜‰


Hello dear readers, my apologies for the delay in my blogging!! Here is a new story.

My parent’s visited me in Leiden back in February and we had a really lovely weekend together. Although so cold and it snowed! But this made Leiden all the more beautiful in my opinion. It is such a pretty city and being all white makes it even more so. We didn’t see many cats on our travels walking around. Way too cold for them I think.

However there was one that braved the weather! And what a striking and handsome cat too. Such a lovely cream coat and the most beautiful blue eyes you have seen. The cat which I have named Snowdrop was positively regal! Not sure if the name suits but in this Winter scene only fitting.

Unfortunately due to the bright light of the sun reflecting against the snow and the cat squinting, you are unable to see the wonderful blue eyes.

Snowdrop was a little shy and did not appreciate being in the lime light. However there was this air of sophistication that captured your attention as you wandered past, demanding you you look and worship as you go by.

So as I passed by, I bobbed my head, took my pic and said ‘Good day’ to Snowdrop, pondering to myself the fact that he could have been a Colonel in the #WLF πŸ˜‰ mol

Adam’s Cat

I may have mentioned in my opening blog that this idea for the ‘Cat Safari’ blog was put in my head by my now ex-boyfriend Adam (he was current at the time). It came about because I was constantly to his annoyance pointing out all the cats that we came across and bringing to his attention how cute they were. Small ones, fluffy ones, fat ones and lost ones, but all adorable and little characters in their own right. “Why don’t you record them in a blog and put it on the Internet you are sure to have many other crazy cat people read it?!” “What a fantastic idea” I thought and declared!

So here we are now and a few posts later. I think that Adam must think about this now and then and I am sure he follows because he decided to contribute his own recording of our feline friend.

A favourite spotting was the cats that liked to survey their domain and guard their home from the comfort of their own window sill. Watching as the people bikes and sometimes dogs travelled past.

The look of interest and intrigue is intense with this guy I think you would agree.

What I like about this cat and how he kind of reminds me of Adam is the snootyness and the regal air that he portrays thinking that he is a Prince amongst Pussies πŸ™‚

Lord of the Manor, King of the Castle or Lion of the Jungle, Leiden Jungle.

Thank you Adam for contributing a handsome moggy if ever there was one.

Artist MC Escher’s cat

This Sunday I went into Den Haag to visit an Art Museum. I had wanted to see the MC Escher exhibition in the Paleis there for some time and so I did.

You may or may not know the art of Escher. He made those pictures where you aren’t sure where they start or end. The ones with the endless staircases. Anyway he also did some nature pictures and this his one of a cat…

Beautiful I am sure you would agree πŸ™‚

Escher used Woodblock prints, this creates the simplicity of his pictures.

Smokey in Amsterdam

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This weekend I recently visited Amsterdam for the day to shop and browse and whilst drinking a cup of their very good coffee in one of their busy and attractive ‘Brown Cafes’ what should I spot but a cat!

The Cafe itself was called Van Ouds ‘T Loosje and the cat was called Smokey. Not sure why maybe he likes a cigarette or two πŸ˜‰

The place was packed but Smokey just sat there taking in the scenery πŸ™‚

My Dutch friend whom I was sat with told me this is not an unusual sight and you often see cats frequenting Bars or Cafes. And I have to say this is not the first time I have noticed a cat before whilst partaking of their Beverage.

Yep I like living here πŸ™‚ What better company could you have ?!

Smokey didn’t like the flash in her eyes.

So had to say our ‘Goodbyes’ and let her be.